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This is a masthead my friend designed for a project and had me animate for her. I got a free dinner out of the deal. Not too shabby. Click on the image to see the final result.
This is a masthead I designed for the alumnae newsletter for Gamma Sigma Sorority of Trenton State College. If you click on the image, you'll see why we named it the Sundancer.
This is an animation still I did for the web site I designed, Just Add Pepper, an independent film by the Tomorrow Project. I met filmmaker/writer/director/jack of all trades Peter Basler through a mutual friend a year and a half ago. I thought that all I'd have to do is design a site and update it monthly. Little did I know that I would actually become one of the first members of the Tomorrow Project. He soon had me designing props for the film and making a cameo appearance. Forget design! Hollywood, here I come!
This is an animation still from a site I designed some time ago for a get together I was hosting. I'm a big fan of bright and bold colors but I don't go overboard. I just like to have fun and this site reflects some of the playfulness of my personality.
web design head
Recently my friend and I had a Philip Seymour Hoffman Film Festival so to celebrate the occasion, I made a poster using images I found here. To see the entire poster, click on the image.
This is a logo I designed for a local cafe. I've also had the privilege to design a flyer and menu for them.
This is a postcard I designed for a friend who had moved and actually wanted people to know her new address. Click on the illustration to see the entire house.
This is a sign I designed for the same friend for her office door. She wanted an Irish flavor (since she's going on vacation to Ireland) so I went with the shamrock and the colors of the Irish flag. She wrote the blessing. She ended up liking it so much that I made one for her hubby's door as well. The blessing was slightly modified to work with his occupation, exotic dancing (just kidding). Click on the image to see the blessing.
This is a logo for the the mock catalog, American Spirit. The catalog was featured in Just Add Pepper. Now that I think about it, my artwork had more screen time than I did. Click on the image to see a larger version.
This is a logo I designed for a venture capitalist. It was part of a stationery package I designed for her. Check it out by clicking on the logo.
This was my entry at an online contest hosted by Archie McPhee, the best store in the world. They provided you with a picture and you had to alter it to make them laugh. I decided to turn the pic into a pulp fiction book cover featuring two of the toys they sell, Nunzilla and Seņor Misterioso (my personal favorite). I didn't win, but they did post my uncredited design on their site. Very exciting! Now I know what it's like to feel like Miss America! Just kidding. This was way better!! Click on the pic for a closer look.
This is an illustration I designed for the St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia. As well as typesetting the program for their annual dinner, I had the opportunity to design the cover a few years back. They still use it from time to time. Click on the image to see a larger version.
fun stuff
It was my friend's birthday and I had forgotten to buy a card. What to do? What to do? Why, make one of course! Click on the pic to check it out.
This is a self portrait I created recently. If you can't tell, I'm heavily influenced by the Saturday morning cartoons of the 70s. If it weren't for Scooby Doo, Josie and the Pussycats, the Brady Kids or Captain Caveman, I don't think I'd be the well adjusted, mentally stable, upstanding individual I am today. Click on the image for a close up view. If you watch long enough, I may just wink at you because you're so darn cute!
Being a romantic at heart and a big fan of monster movies, I decided to illustrate the two lovers who fit these molds and I literally mean "molds." I've always had a soft spot for Frankie and his bride. Click on the pic for a closer look but be warned, Frankie's a jealous guy so watch where you point your mouse.
This is a hand drawn illustration for a Christmas card I sent out a couple of years ago. Most of the images I create are computer generated but every now and then I like to pick up a pencil and actually draw something. Click on the illustration to see it in its entirety.
This is another Christmas card I sent out the following year. That cute little tyke is none other than me! Check out the plaid pants and the cool Planet of the Apes t-shirt by clicking on the pic. Be careful where you click though. I'm ticklish!
This is an illustration I did for a personal project using Adobe Illustrator. Take a closer look and click on the pic.
This is a portrait I did of my two girls, Chloe (r) and Frankie (l). Click on the pic to see them in their full glory.
NEW My girls are little devils so I felt that this illustration was appropriate. Click on the image to see both of my girls.

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