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jersey girl boutique I've officially opened up my brand spanking new online boutique. Check it out and tell me what you think.
web award Check out my newest addition to my site: my online journal. Take a peek into my world as I know it. Sometimes it can be a scary place but mostly it's not too bad. At least that's what the voices in my head keep telling me.
mini pepper logo The site I designed for Just Add Pepper,an independent film by the Tomorrow Project.
This is probably my most favorite store in the world! I found McPhee after I bought my Senor Misterioso a few years back in Omaha. I loved him so much, I did some research on the web which eventually led me to discovering the the best pop culture store ever! On a vacation to Seattle last year, I even had the opportunity to visit. It was like heaven!
Being an animal lover, I visit this site often. I figure that every little bit helps.
Another site matching up wonderful pets to wonderful pet owners. I finally started volunteering at a shelter this year (see link below). It's time I started giving back and I love animals (even though sometimes my girls do try my patience).
So, I finally got my act together and started volunteering at AWA earlier this year. It feels good to give some love to very sweet and deserving animals. I've mostly been going in and petting the kitties but now that the weather is getting nicer, I'm going to focus a little on the dogs as well. This is a great no kill shelter that employs people who truly care about animals.
web award This is such an awesome site that I had to include it in my links. I admire these guys for taking an interesting concept and running with it. They have certainly helped me realized how kooky and weird my state can be. I've seen them every time they come to the area and they are now on a book tour promoting their Weird NJ book!! Love them!!

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